Michael Cleary Band



Thanks to everyone for coming to Black Eyed Sally's for our 14th birthday party! It was a great night and we had a ton of fun. Since we received such an overwhelming response from the the show we decided to include some of these emails in the news section. If you have any comments or reviews of any shows, email them to us at michaelclearyband@earthlink.net and we'll include them in the news section. Thanks, MCB Dear Mike,   What a thrill it was to see you and the band perform last night at Black Eyed Sally's.. You made me feel young and alive... The energy , drive and enthusiasm...the love of the music really came through....there is no other "sound" like the Michael Cleary Band.   Greg Holster Fellas, I just had to say how much I enjoyed the Black Eyed Sally's show. In my humble opinion it was the best I've ever heard you guys sound. Not only did everyone play their asses off, but Rowdie had the mix totally smokin'! Seriously, you guys sounded phenomenal and it was the most fun I've had at a live show in quite some time. Like I said that night, you guys proved, once again, to be the most bad- ass band in the state; great tunes, great players, great people. Keep it up. You've restored my confidence (for the mean time) in live music in Connecticut. Although on any stage, anywhere, MCB could hang with the best of them and have most of them running for cover! Thanks for a great show. Geoffrey Brown