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Eamon Cronin

Our Friend Eamon Cronin from Ryders on The Storm and Midnight Sun suffered a head injury from a fall from the stage while performing in Spain recently and is in need of our support. Here is the latest update from Barry Seelen, Keyboardist for the Midnight Sun.


He's awake now, but he's still in intensive care. He's improving a little each day. He's going to have a long, hard recovery.

A lot of people have been asking what they could do to help out with any expenses. I'm sure that he's not going to be able to earn any money for quite some time.

I've been planning as trip back home @ the end of July and we booked a Midnight Sun gig @ Sully's on Fri. July 31. I doubt that he'll be able to play by then or even attend. I'm still going to play w/ somebody.We're going to get as many musicians as possible and give the gate to Eamon's family.

Also, I put the 2 songs that I wrote from the Midnight Sun c.d. on a online music retailer. You can go to my Myspace and the Midnight Sun myspace to purchase a download of both songs.
ALL proceeds will go to a certain head injured individual.
I believe that EAMON would really appreciate it if as many people as possible went to either




to download the tracks.

I hope that you and your family are doing well. And I look forward to hearing from you soon.


June 23rd update:

Awesome news, Eamon is off the respirator and is expected to leave ICU today. He spoke to his Father today and wished him a Happy Fathers Day.